Mini R2D2 Camera holder for learning

To learn OpenCV I needed camera holder. I decided to create pan tilt holder. My goal is to learn OpenCV so my R2D2 can track objects. For that I need servo control in Pan and Tilt motion. I decided to do one by myself just learn Fusion 360 little better.

First part was section for Raspberry Pi 3 and the bottom servo holder. I wanted to Raspberry not to touch anything on below so I wanted it to be lifted a little bit. I made little screw holes to mount the Raspberry.

Raspberry Pi 3 Servo Holder

Middle part needed to be connected to SG90 servo and needed to hold one. Also there needed to be hole to let the camera turn. After few tries I decided to let the servo be inside of the holder. That ment that I needed to make this part wider that I first wanted. And on this time also added few corners to support the whole structure.
Tilt Servo Holder

For the camera box needed to hold the Camera in place. I have Raspberry Pi camera first version from ebay. So Im not sure if it is standard. Also it needed to be contacted to SG90 servo and something that lets the part turn. That's why camera holder has shaft and the middle part has a hole for it. Camera box also has a lit so the camera cannot move inside the holder.
Camera Holder

Full design
And printed thing.
Pan Tilt Raspberry pi Camera Holder

Later Im going to make a post when I get the thing moving. Problem with this desing is that you cant really use network cable. It will tilt the whole thing.