40K Oil pipeline

I have small cardboard cylinders around which I have been meaning to throw away. I was looking Games Workshop pipe set and thought that I´ll give it a try. Goal was to make an symmetric pipe with smaller middle section. I had two larger diameter pipes and one smaller. I wanted to make all the models as easily printable as possible so pieces have flat side and none of the corners would need support. Only thing that needed support are rings at the bottom of the legs.

If someone wants to print thease parts

This served as a little break from the R2D2 and same time I'll get to print something.


Started to model it with Fusion from the larger diameter pipes ends. Oil tube bigger connector
Simple design that just are there to have legs to keep this terrain standing. Those needed covers. For that I decided to try "turbine" design and it came out pretty nicely.
Turbine door
Connection to smaller pipe I wanted to be symmetric as well. Also part should be printable without support. Printing it larger side down give a change a little tooth at the top.
Join part
After those models I printed them out and fitted. There is warping on the door but I think it just give it character.

Oil tube end printed

Fitting printed parts

I tried to make connections between printed parts and cardboard parts as tight as possible. I clued those together and gave cardboard pieces coat of clue to get little more even and metallic like surface.
Clued oilpike waiting to dry


Everything went better than expected. And after clue dried I primed it with Army Painter Metallic spray.
Oil Pipe Primed
After primed I gave it a coat of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade. Afterwards I noticed that this was pointless. Because I wanted the pipes have rusty look so I tried Games Workshop technical paints Typhos Corrosion and Ryza Rust. This gave it very nice rusty look.
Painted with Typhos Corrosion and Ryza Rust
In the picture the middle pipe has both colors in and side pipes has just Typhos Corrosion. Only Corrosion would also be enough but I think the rust gives it better look.

Join parts I wanted to seem like a different material and I wanted to tried chipped paint look. First I gave those layer of Lahmian Medium. After it had dried I painted it with Khorne Red. I let it dry like 20 minutes and then got some nail polish remover and piece of cotton and started to rub some of the paint off. For the finishing I gave join parts coat of Agrax Earthshade to darken it little.

It turned out better that I wanted. And it's all finished. Tau Firewarrior for scale.
Finnishd pipe from top
Finnishd pipe